Sunday, 17 June 2012

What a weekend

This weekend has been crazy and has gone way too fast, since I work for myself I decide to start mine on Friday.  This day kicked off with a bang when I posted a picture on Facebook of a Zingy charm I made for a customer who emailed asking for a keyring, all of a sudden my inbox was full of amazing customers wanting forward to the end of the weekend and I have sold tonnes of the little guys.  This is my most recent batch of them, if you want to buy one they are now on the site here

My weekend continued by consuming ridiculous amounts of food and alcohol, and now I feel like I need a month to detox to feel healthy again.  My Topshop order also arrived, I hope everyone found the code useful :)  I'm unsure about the Jamaica dress, it shows a LOT of cleavage, and at the ripe old age of 25 I think I may need to cover it a bit.  The parrot dress however covers all the cleavage but exposes the midriff :-/  this picture is slightly blurred and not the best quality but gives the general idea.  I fit in it fine but as my womb problems have left my abdomen swollen I can't tell whether it is too snug or not (and yes I am wearing a Zingy EDF necklace) 

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and I will finish with a few other pics of what I got up to xx

p.s if anyone wants to follow me on Instagram i'm Jellybuttonjewellery

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