Thursday, 7 June 2012

Once again I have managed to let time slip away from me and not post in what feels like forever.  I've had quite a lot going on recently, my dad has been in hospital (yep again!!) I've had a project and coursework due in at Uni, my abdomen issues are back and lots of exciting new products have been created.  Phew, I'm tired just thinking about it all!!

I have also done my first workshop at Ministry of Craft, my class was a brief introduction in working with polymer clay and shrink plastic.  I spent the few days before worrying about it, and thinking what the hell I had got myself into but when it came around I had a great time.  I was really pleased to see a varied age range, and luckily had a super friendly and creative bunch.  They all made adorable cake charms bracelets, with some great creative ideas.  The only downside was how hectic it was, I felt exhausted afterwards but am already looking forward to the next few workshops that have been booked!  One of them is aimed at 10-16 year olds during the summer holiday, the other is the full class that completely sold out last time (WOW)

In other news I have booked a holiday to Greece with my best mate so need to get back onto some sort of diet, I have been going to the gym now and then but I eat like a horse (Is that a real saying or have I made it up??)  I can't wait for sun, sea, sand and sleep :) 

Think thats all for now, I would like to say I will try and post more but we all know that it probably won't happen, it's a hard life being a busy bee!!!

p.s please go buy something, the site has been updated with lots of new goodies!!

wax models of my rings/resin samples/cast rings
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