Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Jubilee Bunting Set

Good morning all!!  One of the perks of being a bit under the weather is my mind gets plenty of time to go wild thinking of new things to make, so I have made some new Bunting themed pieces at request of a customer who wanted something for the Jubilee.  Whilst playing around with the sizes I created some iddy biddy bunting flags so have decided to make these into earrings, will also be doing a trio of studs once I get more supplies.  This necklace and dangly earrings will be on sale today so head over to the shop and use the 20% discount before the code SPRING expires tomorrow.  Once I get time to photograph the vintage floral style bunting that will go on sale too.

I decided to take these to the interview I had for the jewellery making class I hope to take part in, so if all goes well you could get the opportunity to learn how to make your very own bunting necklace!!  Keep checking the blog for more info on whether it goes ahead.

I will finish off with a few piccies of what happened in my life last week :) enjoy the sun!!!
Dodge showing me her Paw skills (no idea why looks like she has no body)

 Feeling sorry for myself having a PJ day and eating one of the only foods that didn't make me feel sick

Got to love crazy nails

My disorganised work space

Fruit bangle finally sanded down and polished
Beach Bum ring sanded down

I am now addicted to Draw Something, and as you can see I am pretty amazing at it ha!

A friend of mine was holding a charity event in memory of his dad who sadly passed away recently, I donated this box of goodies as a raffle prize.

My nephew Jackson looking pretty annoyed at having a camera shoved in his face! He's not even a month old and is showing that finger clicking attitude side!

Bunting necklace (and my piercing)

A much needed night out with my best friend after both of us have had pretty shocking weeks recently, we didn't manage to finish the sundae which saddened us both :(
I rock a lot of polka dot

Thats all for now folks :) x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sympathy Please :)

Having spent most of the weekend and this week so far stuck inside feeling too ill to leave my death bed (aka the sofa) I have managed to sample all the products I got in my GlossyBox.  They are pretty common posts around the fashion/ beauty bloggers but for me before I read them I had never heard of them.  Anyway the basic concept is to subscribe for £10 a month (you can cancel at anytime and even order as a one off) and you get a box full of beauty samples.  Luckily for me I managed to subscribe in time for the Harrods edition, which I had read positive reviews on, and oh my I LOVED IT!!! I got a mini bottle of body butter from one of my favourite body care brands, Bliss, and it smells amazing and works a treat! I also got a mini nail polish in a cute pastel pink, an adorable mini perfume (smells a bit like Chloe which I already have but I'm sure my mum would appreciate it since the bottle looks so pretty) some Clarins firming cream and finally a mini tub of ReVive moisturiser (I nearly died of shock when I looked up the retail value of the full sized product... over £250!!!!!) Great little box and have used all of the samples, the body butter is definitely something I would buy the full sized product of, don't let the title blood orange and pepper put you off, it smells like tangerines and is YUM, and if the ReVive moisturiser wasn't such a ridiculous price I would buy some more of that too, unfortunately my bank card would grow legs and walk away before let me spend that much!!  If your tempted to subscribe you can do here

In other news I haven't been doing much, as mentioned I've been quite poorly so have stayed in PJ's watching rubbish TV and sleeping an inappropriate amount, but my business is still going from strength to strength so will muster up some energy eating chocolate whilst watching super skinny v supersize (ironic right) then spend a few hours getting orders packed up.  Ive got some more pictures of last weeks antics that I will upload tomorrow :)

Enjoy the rest of Tuesday x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Just a quick note, thank you to everyone who has been messaging me with ideas to blog about.... one thing I WON'T be doing is the cliche 'what I'm wearing photo.'  I love seeing other peoples but I have absolutely no fashion sense! I am cursed with having a strange body shape that the majority of clothes don't fit, I spend most of my days in a skirt/ dress of some type with tights and a jumper, so my photos will always be the same :) The only time I make an effort is my nights out which again follow a theme of 50's style dress/skirt, with heels and red lipstick.

So sorry to disappoint but that won't become a feature (you can all let out that sigh of relief now)

After copious amounts of time, resin and varnish two of my new pieces are finished!! FINALLY! I will upload a pic of the ring when I'm not on my phone, but here is the new fruit bracelet which will hopefully go live on the site this weekend.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I've been trying to get into the whole blogging thing the past few weeks and have been struggling with what I want mine to be, just jewellery based, just personal life based etc and after much confusion I have decided I don't want to specify a category for it to fall into.  So from now on this blog will include jewellery, my life and things I like and enjoy, as well as something I find inspiring.  Basically this will be like a sneak peak into my life. Hope that is ok with you all :)

Anyway today I want to share some things I find inspiring and have made me want to get my crafty hat on.

First of all I stumbled across this gift wrap idea, I LOVE pink and blue together (which I'm sure everyone who has ordered from me will know) I usually sprinkle a few bits of handmade confetti in with orders so may make a few mini felt hearts to throw in too.

There are loads more gorgeous wrap ideas here and if anyone is thinking of getting me a present in the near future I suggest you go check this out.

Next since I spend so much time in my jewellery studio I need it to reflect my character, meaning I love colour and random objects.  This means most crafty people have similar thoughts, so looking into their work space is like an insight into them and I absolutely love it, so when I came across HeartHandmadeUk blog with lots of craft space images I was super excited.  I would recommend you go check out the blog because they have tonnes of similar pics but these are by far my favourite images.

And here are a couple of pics from my room, I love that I have a giant TV to watch all my favourite programmes (usually CSI or Big Bang Theory) whilst I work, lots of colour and weird and wonderful items.  My favourite has to be my Teddy Bear Lamp, was slightly expensive at around £70 but I love him.

P.S I'm not lazy taking my decorations down, this pic was taken at Christmas time and until I tidy up won't be taking another pic :-p

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I'm currently sat at my parents waiting for my hair dye to take so thought would be a perfect opportunity to blog.  I normally get my colour done monthly but I'm trying extend it to every six weeks to save money, but my grey/blondey/brown roots needed tackling to had to resort to the DIY option. And before you all jump to the conclusion I am a middle aged woman ... I'm 25, I'm just cursed with coming from a family that go prematurely grey!!

Anyways, off the subject of me I had a customer enquire about whether I would make any Jubilee themed pieces so have been looking into this.  I'm looking into doing a bunting necklace and earring set rather than sticking to the crown theme, I quite like the shabby chic/Cath Kidston style prints so may look into this ....hmmmmmm decisions.

And finally aside from eating too much junk food, breaking down on the motorway (which is terrifying) my weekend has consisted of spending money I should be saving on signing up to Glossy Box.  There are several companies similar, with the general theme of paying approx £12.95 a month and in return you get a box full of beauty samples.  I looked at other companies such as JolieBox and Carmine but am sticking with trying just the one for now.  If you want to give it a try you can sign up here but until I get mine I'm not sure of the quality etc.  Seems like a fun idea, and since I'm trying to take more care of myself in health and appearance this seems like a good start :) Keep reading the blog and I will keep you all updated with how I get on.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Who's that's Jess

Ok Zooey is off the screen so I am back to blogging :) Need to share the business cards I had made using the illustration made by Carly Watts (go check out her blog for more info ) Sorry for the bad picture I was a little excited about getting them

Also want to share a picture of my gorgeous little nephew Jackson who was born on March 7th, he's a complete cutie but until he gets a bit older doesn't do much except eat, poop, cry and sleep :(

And baby (and probably the only one after hearing the horrors of child birth) she likes to eat, poop, and sleep as much as Jackson but fortunately is quiet and aside from the snoring doesn't make a noise 


March Madness

Well March is turning out to be a busy month, have a project due in at Uni and all these ideas bubbling about in my head for new pieces so its no surprise it's almost halfway through the month.

But I am feeling quite productive in that my new Pacman rings arrived from the laser cutters and i LOVE THEM, seriously one of my favourite things I have ever made along with my sheep bracelet (which I promised to have on the site in Feb but am running a bit behind with) and I have also got myself an interview to run a jewellery making class! Can't say much more yet till i run through all the behind the scenes boring bits such as costs etc, but if it goes ahead i'm hoping lots of people come and have a go :)  I have also had some new business cards created with the super cute illustration I had done of me, these are going to be used when doing craft fairs and the classes, but they have made me wish I was a real life cartoon....I suit not having a nose :)

Aside from that I've been pretty poorly last few months but am still forcing myself to keep up with bringing you lots of new fun pieces, even if it takes me a few cups of tea and chocolates till I feel up to it (sympathy would be lovely ha)

Not much else to say as I am watching New Girl and Zooeys hair and general style is stealing all my attention :) Have a great weekend everyone and will hopefully try and blog before I'm back at Uni on Monday