Thursday, 10 May 2012

What's new for me

Once again I log on to realise it has been forever since I did a post, I am a bad bad blogger, I apologise :(

I have been quite busy with shop orders, customer orders, creating new pieces and of course the sister site to JBJ which should hopefully been up and running in the next few months.  The idea for the new site is a  gift shop selling bags/wallets/home accessories that fit in with the theme I use for JBJ, as well as some other pieces of jewellery by other brands (none as good as Jelly Button of course ha) so hopefully you will all love and shop the site when it goes live.

These are some of the new bits and bobs I've put on the site recently, hope you like them. The Koi ring will be one of the new Limited Ed pieces, where I will only make one every now and then, so once its sold there is no guarantee when or if it will be back. Head over to Jelly Button Jewellery to see all the new stuff.

In other news I have finally started to feel slightly better, YAY!!!! So to celebrate this and some other good news my besties and I had a well deserved night out, lots of cocktails, lots of rum and plenty of hangover cures were consumed.  You can't really see it in the picture but I was wearing the ice cream sundae necklace, I love the 50s diner food themed jewellery so if I had made them in time may have worn the new hotdog earrings too.  I apologise for the picture, I had already made my way through lots of Zombie cocktails.  

And finally the course I will be tutoring has gone on sale!! So if you live in or around the Manchester area and fancy learning how to make a few fun pieces of jewellery then book a place here.  The cake bracelet  or battenburg earrings are some of the pieces I will show you how to make.  If you don't fancy my class they have plenty of other great looking ones, I like the look of the lamp shade and cupcake decorating one!!  

Well that is all for now :) Have an amazing weekend