Sunday, 15 April 2012

And the winner is....

Number 27, Ember Drake (I did pick this last week but I havn't been able to do the post)

Sorry it has taken me all week to do a post will the winner, or infact a post at all.  If you head over to my diet blog I explain about my poorly ovary and how I've been a bit off colour this week :(

Anyway Ember has been emailed and the prize will be on its way to her ASAP.  In other news I am back at Uni/College tomorrow, these two weeks have flown by but the positive it that it is loan day!! YAY!!!!   In theory the money should be used for studious items, but in reality a fair chunk of it will be going on my new venture.... a sister site to JBJ!  I'm really excited but for now have to keep quiet, all will be revealed soon enough though.

Anyway only a flying visit, need to get bathed ready for tomorrow (I promise it isn't just a Sunday treat, I shower daily) and have had 3 shop orders through the past couple of days so need to get cracking on with them.

Have a great week and feel free to spend all your student loan in the shop :)


Thursday, 5 April 2012

Giveaway Time

Can't believe it is already half way through my first week off Uni, time just seems to disappear from me! I have been mainly daydreaming about food since starting my diet (read about it here), playing with my adorable little pooch and battling through orders :)

After tidying my stock I have found quite a big selection of my sample pieces that I thought would make a nice little giveaway, it includes a fruit salad bracelet (a lot thinner than the final piece) a pug necklace, bunting necklace, lego ring, love heart ring, plectrum earrings, love heart earrings, bonjour earrings, don't worry be happy earrings,  jammy dodger ring AND £5 GIFT VOUCHER!! (Go to the site to look what you could spend this on!!)

Please note due to these being sample pieces they may have slight imperfections.

How to enter:

Follow this blog >>>>> through the options on the right

Comment with your email address below this post

Sit back and wait for the winner to be chosen midnight Monday 9th

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Where did the sun go??

What an utterly miserable day, although it reflects my mood after only having about 3 hours sleep thanks to my neighbours new whiney puppy.  I knew the sun wouldn't last but was shocked to hear of snow warnings for Oldham where I live, so far it's just rain :(

Anyway off the subject of misery I had an amazing weekend in Edinburgh, it really is a beautiful city.  I drank lots, ate even more and got spooked out on an underground Vaults tour, just what I needed after the past few weeks.  But now i'm back to reality and back in my studio making away, one of the new items has been listed on the site so make sure to check it out here

In other news I have decided to start a diet, after too many of my tops, dresses and bras have ceased to fit I need to drop a dress size before summer hits us properly.  If you want to read my diet diary it can be found here 

And finally I have been in more talks with Ministry of Craft about possible holding a class showing how to make a couple of different Jelly Button Jewellery themed pieces, until then there are some great looking classes already available, I fancy doing the linocut printing and sewing courses!!