Sunday, 2 September 2012

Feeling Wired

Since my stomach is still full of CO2, stitches and sutures after my operation finding something to do to ease the boredom was proving a problem.  That was until I discovered sewing whilst propped up on pillows wasn't too painful, and ta darrrrr I have now started developing my range of hair accessories :)

Welcome to Jelly Button Jewellery PIN UP WIRE WRAP HEADBANDS

I will be listing one or two on the site today but as a little teaser here are samples of some of the fabrics I will  be using.  I think the mini boats are my favourite so far :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Where's Wally?

Once again I've left it weeks (possibly months) in between posting.  To be fair I do have valid reasons this time, first of all I went on holiday which was amazing, and then most recently I have been for a small operation.

So whilst lying on my sick bed aka the sofa I've decided to write a quickie post.  Since I've spent the past few days unable to walk I've had lots of time to think about new products I want to create.  After spending lots of money on hair accessories it seemed obvious to learn how to make my own, which has lead me wanting to list them online.  They will consist of glitter hair bows, and a fun range of fabrics made into bows and headbands.

They're so cute aren't they :)

I'm hoping I sell through on them so I can treat myself to this amazing limited collection bag :)

I have a black and white polka Zatchel that I LOVE, so another one to add to my collection wouldn't hurt hey ;)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Happy Friday!!

I promised a competition to run alongside The Zaggora Hotpants Giveaway (which I am currently wearing BTW - my pair not the ones I'm giving away) so here it is.

The winner will get a selection of samples that are either one off pieces, or jewellery that has slight defects AS WELL as a £10 Gift Voucher to spend on whatever you want.  Some of the jewellery in this great competition include a Jammy Dodger ring, Skittles ring, Love Heart ring, Pug bracelet and LOTS more.

This is my first time using this widget for a competition so lets see how it goes!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My week so far

I can't believe it is half way through the week already, I don't feel like I've gotten anywhere.  I try to set myself mental lists about what I want to achieve, but since I've got the worst memory ever would make more sense to write them all down.  I have ordered myself some new resin as I'm not too keen on the last brand I purchased, it takes too long to cure, hence the reason the skittles bracelet isn't on the site yet.  However the resin is good for making tunnels, these are some of the sample ones I have done so far.

I wish I had stretched ears as I think these are so cute!

That's all for now, I'm going to finish up some orders, make a pug bracelet before getting an early night ... I've got my pre-op tomorrow morning so need to be fresh and alert for that.


Saturday, 30 June 2012

Skittles, M&Ms & Zaggoras - what a contradiction

Weekend is here!! This week has flown by as usual, I've made some new Skittles pieces, played about with some resin tunnels and made countless Zingy charms.  My favourite of the week has to be the Skittles cufflinks, I rarely make things suitable for men but thought they deserve to have something.  

Aside from jewellery I haven't done much this week so not much to post about.  I'm still saving for my holiday so haven't splurged on any new clothes/ make up.  I have however spent £50 of my hard earned money on a pair of Zaggora Hotpants (Kylie is safe don't worry) and have 3 pairs for you to win, head over to my diet blog for more details.

I am going to carry on with my jewellery making for the day, with short workouts in between.  

Enjoy your weekend :)

If you like having a nosey ay my pics follow me on Instagram (JellyButtonJewellery)  although I will warn your my dog is the main feature.   

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Inverted Zombie & Zingy Ring

Evening all, a quick post from me as I am typing in between TV programmes (lifers if you wanted to know,  crazy programme)

Had a busy time since my last post and am looking forward to my upcoming holiday to take some time out to relax.  If you have read my diet blog (which I really need to get back into) you will know I have been suffering with tummy/womb type problems for the past year or so, after numerous doctors appointment I have a diagnosis of Endemetriosis and will be going into hospital some time in August for surgery on it.  As I'm a bit dubious about hospital visits I had a weekend of food and drink to take my mind off it :) can't beat a good glass of Rose Blush to help forget your worries.

If anyone is from Manchester, or planning a visit here I would highly recommend Socio Rehab in the Northern Quarter, quirky cocktails that literally blow your head off (the first pic is the Inverted Zombie I had WOW!!!).  Also Cloud 23 in Beetham Tower, this was my second visit there, this time for my best friends sisters hen night, although the red lighting ruins any photo opportunities the view is amazing.  

I have managed to do some work inbetween all my social outings, after receiving copious requests for a Zingy ring I made and listed one today.  It was a rushed listing hence why my nails look a state, clay and resin literally make the polish peel away :(  But if you ignore the nails the ring is quite cute and can be bought here 

I think that is it for now, but would just like to send all my love out to the people of Shaw who were caught up in the gas explosion that tragically took a life. xxx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

What a weekend

This weekend has been crazy and has gone way too fast, since I work for myself I decide to start mine on Friday.  This day kicked off with a bang when I posted a picture on Facebook of a Zingy charm I made for a customer who emailed asking for a keyring, all of a sudden my inbox was full of amazing customers wanting forward to the end of the weekend and I have sold tonnes of the little guys.  This is my most recent batch of them, if you want to buy one they are now on the site here

My weekend continued by consuming ridiculous amounts of food and alcohol, and now I feel like I need a month to detox to feel healthy again.  My Topshop order also arrived, I hope everyone found the code useful :)  I'm unsure about the Jamaica dress, it shows a LOT of cleavage, and at the ripe old age of 25 I think I may need to cover it a bit.  The parrot dress however covers all the cleavage but exposes the midriff :-/  this picture is slightly blurred and not the best quality but gives the general idea.  I fit in it fine but as my womb problems have left my abdomen swollen I can't tell whether it is too snug or not (and yes I am wearing a Zingy EDF necklace) 

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and I will finish with a few other pics of what I got up to xx

p.s if anyone wants to follow me on Instagram i'm Jellybuttonjewellery