Thursday, 24 November 2011

30 days to go!!

Can't believe it has been so long since my last post, to be fair I have been mad busy with my new degree course and getting everything ready for Christmas.  To keep up to date on all previous posts I got the funding from the votes, which was spent on my website, new gift cards, and new packaging for when I sell to shops and at craft fairs.  I sold out of the moustache necklaces and had to order more, so after Christmas I will be sending a nice big cheque to the Parkinsons Disease charity :)

A few new online shops that will be selling my products soon are and  Also if you are in the Manchester area and need last minute gifts you can head over to Kooky Burrow in Macclesfield or 2nd Skin Tattoo Studio in Milnrow.

The last order date for Xmas delivery will be December 14th, then the site will close until New Years Day.  However if you are a bit forgetful like myself I will still be selling Gift Vouchers until the 19th.

I will try and do another post next week :)

Go check out all the new Christmas items

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Vote for me :)

Am quite excited at the moment, I stumbled across a website that gives you the chance to apply for funding for your small business, to get the funding you have to secure 'votes' so for £500 you need 500 votes. So hopefully with the thought I have over 2000 fans on facebook and 600 on twitter I should be able to get a grant to buy some new bits and bobs for Jelly Button Jewellery.  Only on 67 at the moment though so I'm offering to include everyone who votes into a prize draw to win £50 of jewellery.  Unfortunately the website isn't very clear, there is a giant icon under the photo that needs to be clicked NOT the smaller ones at the side of it, and for some reason this doesn't show on my internet explorer so have had to use my iphone.    Seems I only have 67 real votes but 155 facebook likes (which don't count)

If you would like to vote for me just go to this website and select the thumbs up and 'VOTE FOR ME' icon 

On another note I start my new degree course in just over a week which I'm really looking forward to, I'm a bit nervous about working with proper equipment... I'm probably one of the clumsiest people around and am sure I will get a jewellery related injury within the first week.  I'm also really excited about STUDENT LOAN, this is probably one of the reasons I expect I will be a student forever, I have to pay my tuition fees with it but if I have any spare I may treat myself to a new winter coat (oh and books and equipment of course)

Finally I'm hoping to take some pictures of new items this weekend, it's proving to be a bit of a nightmare because the colours aren't photographing well and light seems to be reflecting off the acrylic, but with a bit of  help after a bribe of Krispy Kremes I should get them sorted and uploaded soon.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for me, will only take a minute and will mean the world (and obviously £500 to me) xxx

Monday, 5 September 2011

Little John...

I've decided to use this post to explain the reason why my new Moustache necklace is named what it is, and the reason for making and donating £1 from everyone sold to charity. 

 My Dad has always been the most important person to me, after divorcing my mum when I was a baby and bringing me up as a single father he did his best to give me the best possible life.   He worked hard running his own business to ensure I always had everything I needed. 

When I was just starting secondary school however everything changed, he was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease which is quite rare with people in their late 40s.  In the past 10 years I have seen my Dad change from being independant and able to live life to the fullest to a fragile and extremely unwell old man. He went from running a successful garage to being  unable to care for himself, and has suffered a variety of illnesses connected to Parkinsons which has led him to being practically house bound.

As of yet there is no cure for Parkinsons and little is known to the cause of this disease which is why funding for research is necessary, this is the reason behind why I am donating £1 from every necklace sold to this worthy charity.

Now why is it called Little John..... basically my family are known for being ridiculously short, my Dad is no exception. At his tallest he was 5"5 which bred the nicknames 'Little John, Titch, ShortArse etc' 

And finally the design chosen... I am aware that moustache necklaces are everywhere at the moment but this is the one thing that everyone associates with my Dad except for his height (or lack of it.) Since I can remember he has always has an impressive moustache, now even in his 60s when most men can't grow anything other than a Santa inspired grey beard the black tash is going strong.

If you would like to buy a fun necklace whilst doing your bit for a worthy cause then go here for 'Little John Moustache Necklace' and here for 'Little John Mini Moustache Necklace'

I've had a rummage round the old photos and picked my favourite ones of my Dad and his tash....I apologise in advance for his shocking dress sense (the platforms are quite possibly the most hilarious piece of footwear I have ever seen)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Happy Saturday

Can't believe it's been almost a week since my last blog, I have had quite a manic week.  I've designed some new jewellery pieces and sent them off to be laser cut, one of which will be a design inspired by my Dad, I'm going to name it after him and donate £2 from every necklace and brooch sold to Parkinsons Disease Society, so keep your eyes peeled for that!  I have also made the big decision to leave my Psychology degree to to a Jewellery and Applied Arts degree, I do love Psychology but just feel that I know so many people that do a degree and then end up with a mundane job that they could have done without it, so I want to concentrate on something that can go alongside my current jewellery business.  Soooooo I had to attend an interview this week and luckily got onto the course :) wooop

I have also spent a lot of time making jewellery, looking after my Dad, shouting at my puppy for eating her way through a gym bag and eating a ridiculous amount of chinese.  Which leads onto why I have just signed up for a Graze snack box....  I'm one of those girls who have accepted my body will never be stick thin, as long as I am a healthy weight and can manage the gym 2-3 times a week without suffering a heart attack I'm happy, however I am used to eating relatively healthy and all this takeout recently I'm feeling a bit bloated, so when my friend sent me a link to a free snack box code they saw on their friends blog I thought why the hell not.  I'm not taking it as an insult they sent me the link, I'm known for liking unusual snacks such as wasabi peas and olives whilst the majority of girls eat chocolate so it seemed apt for me to be the one to test.  I've just signed up for a free box so will let you know what I think, if you want to try it go here and pop this code in 5GT3ZKF
Anyway I've got a busy night planned before a Jewellery filled Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Some things I would buy if Christian Mizon hadn't stolen my purse

So in all my excitement of designing my new site today I forgot to take my purse home with me, probably for the best as I am in the need for some serious retail therapy.  Here are some things that would have had my credit card twitching...

Tissue Holder - I'm expecting plenty of colds this winter and thing this would make the Rudolf nose more worthwhile
I'm a big fan of tights, even in summer you will find me with footless tights or super long skirts. And these adorable bow tights from Accessorize would be perfect with my ever increasing black/grey/red themed wardrobe

Finally this is one reason I'm glad I don't have my purse... Jimmy Choo Hunter Biker Wellingtons.  Would be perfect for Autumn/Winter but at £255 think I may have to source a cheaper pair or sell my puppy :)

And it begins....

Having run Jelly Button Jewellery for just over a year now I have decided the time has come to write a blog.  It won't always be jewellery related, and may sometimes end up becoming a rambling about my daily life, so I will apologise in advance. 

It seems appropriate in my first blog to maybe say a little about me... well I am on the borderline of becoming mid twenties which is filling me with complete fear, I own an adorable if not slightly psychotic puppy named Dodge, I am currently doing a Psychology degree at University (this is likely to change to a jewellery and applied arts degree in September though) and my life at the moment revolves around running Jelly Button Jewellery.  Whilst I am crafting away in my jewellery workshop I either watch all the car-crash shows on ITV2 like Jeremy Kyle, Judge Judy or Real Housewives of the OC or CSI.  I am unfortunately quite predictable in my viewing habits.  The rest of my life probably involves friends, alcohol, family and my beloved sleep.

Now that the formalities of getting to know me are over and done with I can go onto the ramblings of my weekend.  I have spent a fair amount of time working on a new site with web designer Christian Mizon, with a bit of guidance from me (ok a lot of guidance) we have got the basics done and am really looking forward to the finished product.  I then ate my body weight in Chinese food at my parents house after my mum decided to take a break from the usual Sunday roast, only to return to find Dodge had broken into the cat food box and helped herself to three whole sachets (no supper for greedy guts now)

I will probably spend the rest of the evening sorting out new orders, watching CSI, and finishing off with a bath and a Lush bubble bar. 

Enjoy the rest of lazy day Sunday xx

She may look sweet and innocent but she has every intention of eating the camera.