Friday, 24 February 2012

How time flies.

Every-time I log on and check my blog I am always so surprised at how long Ive been leaving it in-between checking in, time just seems to disappear!!

So much has happened I have forgotten most of it all, but I will try... Christmas was hectic getting all the orders out on time, the amount of orders was amazing but also scary! Feels like a proper business now, especially after spending a whole day doing a tax return (note to self don't leave it till the last day it is not a pleasant experience)  I have also been experimenting with lots of new pieces recently, focusing mainly on resin which I love.  You can basically capture anything and create some fun and crazy things.  My favourite pieces at the moment are my lamb bracelet and beach bum ring, these aren't for sale yet but here are some pics of them as works in progress :)

My battery on my Mac is about to die so will continue this blog later :)