Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sympathy Please :)

Having spent most of the weekend and this week so far stuck inside feeling too ill to leave my death bed (aka the sofa) I have managed to sample all the products I got in my GlossyBox.  They are pretty common posts around the fashion/ beauty bloggers but for me before I read them I had never heard of them.  Anyway the basic concept is to subscribe for £10 a month (you can cancel at anytime and even order as a one off) and you get a box full of beauty samples.  Luckily for me I managed to subscribe in time for the Harrods edition, which I had read positive reviews on, and oh my I LOVED IT!!! I got a mini bottle of body butter from one of my favourite body care brands, Bliss, and it smells amazing and works a treat! I also got a mini nail polish in a cute pastel pink, an adorable mini perfume (smells a bit like Chloe which I already have but I'm sure my mum would appreciate it since the bottle looks so pretty) some Clarins firming cream and finally a mini tub of ReVive moisturiser (I nearly died of shock when I looked up the retail value of the full sized product... over £250!!!!!) Great little box and have used all of the samples, the body butter is definitely something I would buy the full sized product of, don't let the title blood orange and pepper put you off, it smells like tangerines and is YUM, and if the ReVive moisturiser wasn't such a ridiculous price I would buy some more of that too, unfortunately my bank card would grow legs and walk away before let me spend that much!!  If your tempted to subscribe you can do here

In other news I haven't been doing much, as mentioned I've been quite poorly so have stayed in PJ's watching rubbish TV and sleeping an inappropriate amount, but my business is still going from strength to strength so will muster up some energy eating chocolate whilst watching super skinny v supersize (ironic right) then spend a few hours getting orders packed up.  Ive got some more pictures of last weeks antics that I will upload tomorrow :)

Enjoy the rest of Tuesday x

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