Friday, 16 March 2012

March Madness

Well March is turning out to be a busy month, have a project due in at Uni and all these ideas bubbling about in my head for new pieces so its no surprise it's almost halfway through the month.

But I am feeling quite productive in that my new Pacman rings arrived from the laser cutters and i LOVE THEM, seriously one of my favourite things I have ever made along with my sheep bracelet (which I promised to have on the site in Feb but am running a bit behind with) and I have also got myself an interview to run a jewellery making class! Can't say much more yet till i run through all the behind the scenes boring bits such as costs etc, but if it goes ahead i'm hoping lots of people come and have a go :)  I have also had some new business cards created with the super cute illustration I had done of me, these are going to be used when doing craft fairs and the classes, but they have made me wish I was a real life cartoon....I suit not having a nose :)

Aside from that I've been pretty poorly last few months but am still forcing myself to keep up with bringing you lots of new fun pieces, even if it takes me a few cups of tea and chocolates till I feel up to it (sympathy would be lovely ha)

Not much else to say as I am watching New Girl and Zooeys hair and general style is stealing all my attention :) Have a great weekend everyone and will hopefully try and blog before I'm back at Uni on Monday


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