Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I've been trying to get into the whole blogging thing the past few weeks and have been struggling with what I want mine to be, just jewellery based, just personal life based etc and after much confusion I have decided I don't want to specify a category for it to fall into.  So from now on this blog will include jewellery, my life and things I like and enjoy, as well as something I find inspiring.  Basically this will be like a sneak peak into my life. Hope that is ok with you all :)

Anyway today I want to share some things I find inspiring and have made me want to get my crafty hat on.

First of all I stumbled across this gift wrap idea, I LOVE pink and blue together (which I'm sure everyone who has ordered from me will know) I usually sprinkle a few bits of handmade confetti in with orders so may make a few mini felt hearts to throw in too.

There are loads more gorgeous wrap ideas here and if anyone is thinking of getting me a present in the near future I suggest you go check this out.

Next since I spend so much time in my jewellery studio I need it to reflect my character, meaning I love colour and random objects.  This means most crafty people have similar thoughts, so looking into their work space is like an insight into them and I absolutely love it, so when I came across HeartHandmadeUk blog with lots of craft space images I was super excited.  I would recommend you go check out the blog because they have tonnes of similar pics but these are by far my favourite images.

And here are a couple of pics from my room, I love that I have a giant TV to watch all my favourite programmes (usually CSI or Big Bang Theory) whilst I work, lots of colour and weird and wonderful items.  My favourite has to be my Teddy Bear Lamp, was slightly expensive at around £70 but I love him.

P.S I'm not lazy taking my decorations down, this pic was taken at Christmas time and until I tidy up won't be taking another pic :-p

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