Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Inverted Zombie & Zingy Ring

Evening all, a quick post from me as I am typing in between TV programmes (lifers if you wanted to know,  crazy programme)

Had a busy time since my last post and am looking forward to my upcoming holiday to take some time out to relax.  If you have read my diet blog (which I really need to get back into) you will know I have been suffering with tummy/womb type problems for the past year or so, after numerous doctors appointment I have a diagnosis of Endemetriosis and will be going into hospital some time in August for surgery on it.  As I'm a bit dubious about hospital visits I had a weekend of food and drink to take my mind off it :) can't beat a good glass of Rose Blush to help forget your worries.

If anyone is from Manchester, or planning a visit here I would highly recommend Socio Rehab in the Northern Quarter, quirky cocktails that literally blow your head off (the first pic is the Inverted Zombie I had WOW!!!).  Also Cloud 23 in Beetham Tower, this was my second visit there, this time for my best friends sisters hen night, although the red lighting ruins any photo opportunities the view is amazing.  

I have managed to do some work inbetween all my social outings, after receiving copious requests for a Zingy ring I made and listed one today.  It was a rushed listing hence why my nails look a state, clay and resin literally make the polish peel away :(  But if you ignore the nails the ring is quite cute and can be bought here 

I think that is it for now, but would just like to send all my love out to the people of Shaw who were caught up in the gas explosion that tragically took a life. xxx

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  1. I have ordered a zingy!! :D AND I watched lifers too, freaky show. Hope you're feeling gradually better,
    Lots of love Gilli