Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I've been naughty

I have so much I need to pay for that I have been desperately trying to be well behaved with money recently.  Where I would normally pay over £100 on a night out, £40 on tea out a few times a week and countless unnecessary bits and pieces I have been on a strict no spend budget.... but I have just broke that.  My Topshop card has been sitting empty for a while so I took the silly plunge of spending on it, but to make myself feel better I needed some new dresses for my holiday.  I also needed a new pair of pumps, as my devil angel dog decided they would make a lovely chew toy.

So what did I buy.....

I actually decided against the red one, I think my boobs would need bigger hearts but how cute is it!
The parrot one has cut outs which I am a bit wary of but hopefully by the time I go to Greece my tummy will be back to being flat (ish)  And the final dress is a Jamaica themed one, again my boobs might be too big for it but might as well give it a try.  If anyone is buying off the Topshop website use this code for 10% discount 1467648016789380, I do have a student card but for some reason the code on it doesn't seem to work. 

 Finally there is 25% off everything on the site today using code 'DODGE' at checkout, but be quick it expires at midnight.

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