Thursday, 14 June 2012

Poorly Dodge

So today I took my little girl to the vets to check out her poorly ear, turns out  she has an infection.  After all that saving and not spending (**Topshop splurge doesn't count**) I'm going to have to fork out a fortune to have her sedated and the ear flushed out if it doesn't clear up with drops.  ARGHHHHHH!! She is totally worth it though, anyone who has dogs will understand the love you have for the little things, I would be happy not having children and just having pets.  My perfect brood would include Dodge, a french bulldog and a boston terrier :) 

Off the subject of saving was that I found my old Boots card that had £14 of points on it, having wanted an Essie nail polish for forever but always forgetting to buy one I saw them in store so treated myself :)  I was temped to choose a colour I don't already have, but my wardrobe is mainly red, black and grey so decided to stick to what I know and get a red.  But this was made harder by the fact they stock about 10 shades of each colour, decisions decisions! I ended up with 5th Avenue, a corally red but also the name of skanky Manchester nightclub I used to venture to on a weekly basis, I took that as a sign I should try it.  I can't wait to do my nails ready for my night out with the bestie tomorrow, I'm waiting till I've finished jewellery for the day as nothing ruins a manicure like clay and pliers.  And since we have booked in at Cloud 23 (pretentious cocktail bar at the top of Beetham tower where you have to book months in advance for 45 minutes!!!)  I thought chipped nails wouldn't go down too well!

I'm off to give Dodge some cuddles before hiding away in my studio for the rest of the afternoon.  Enjoy the sun whilst it lasts!

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