Friday, 8 June 2012

So its Friday night and I'm staying in, **long huffy sigh**  cue blog post with the intention of making everyone feel sorry for me.

I'm going out next week for cocktails with my bestie, to mourn celebrate him turning 26, so as well as needing to pay for a holiday and paying for all other bills that are pouring in at the moment I have taken the executive decision to work instead of play :(

On happier news one of the necklaces I am making for the bestie has turned out pretty well and I have just listed it on the site, love love love all the colours together.  He wanted gifts for 5 people, all the same items but different inners, and I have ended up making a selection of new pieces I like so much I am going to sell in the shop.  Some of the pics are them in the making, so I apologise for the state of my work desk!! 

Just another little reminder for anyone who lives near Manchester and is trying to think of things for 10-16 years olds to do during the summer holiday, go have a look at the Ministry Of Craft site where they have a selection of fun workshops, one of which I am tutoring.  Would be perfect for gifts, birthday parties or just a fun day out :) 

That's all for now folks, am off to make some more frames and then to complete some Uni sketchbook work!!

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