Monday, 5 September 2011

Little John...

I've decided to use this post to explain the reason why my new Moustache necklace is named what it is, and the reason for making and donating £1 from everyone sold to charity. 

 My Dad has always been the most important person to me, after divorcing my mum when I was a baby and bringing me up as a single father he did his best to give me the best possible life.   He worked hard running his own business to ensure I always had everything I needed. 

When I was just starting secondary school however everything changed, he was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease which is quite rare with people in their late 40s.  In the past 10 years I have seen my Dad change from being independant and able to live life to the fullest to a fragile and extremely unwell old man. He went from running a successful garage to being  unable to care for himself, and has suffered a variety of illnesses connected to Parkinsons which has led him to being practically house bound.

As of yet there is no cure for Parkinsons and little is known to the cause of this disease which is why funding for research is necessary, this is the reason behind why I am donating £1 from every necklace sold to this worthy charity.

Now why is it called Little John..... basically my family are known for being ridiculously short, my Dad is no exception. At his tallest he was 5"5 which bred the nicknames 'Little John, Titch, ShortArse etc' 

And finally the design chosen... I am aware that moustache necklaces are everywhere at the moment but this is the one thing that everyone associates with my Dad except for his height (or lack of it.) Since I can remember he has always has an impressive moustache, now even in his 60s when most men can't grow anything other than a Santa inspired grey beard the black tash is going strong.

If you would like to buy a fun necklace whilst doing your bit for a worthy cause then go here for 'Little John Moustache Necklace' and here for 'Little John Mini Moustache Necklace'

I've had a rummage round the old photos and picked my favourite ones of my Dad and his tash....I apologise in advance for his shocking dress sense (the platforms are quite possibly the most hilarious piece of footwear I have ever seen)

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