Thursday, 8 September 2011

Vote for me :)

Am quite excited at the moment, I stumbled across a website that gives you the chance to apply for funding for your small business, to get the funding you have to secure 'votes' so for £500 you need 500 votes. So hopefully with the thought I have over 2000 fans on facebook and 600 on twitter I should be able to get a grant to buy some new bits and bobs for Jelly Button Jewellery.  Only on 67 at the moment though so I'm offering to include everyone who votes into a prize draw to win £50 of jewellery.  Unfortunately the website isn't very clear, there is a giant icon under the photo that needs to be clicked NOT the smaller ones at the side of it, and for some reason this doesn't show on my internet explorer so have had to use my iphone.    Seems I only have 67 real votes but 155 facebook likes (which don't count)

If you would like to vote for me just go to this website and select the thumbs up and 'VOTE FOR ME' icon 

On another note I start my new degree course in just over a week which I'm really looking forward to, I'm a bit nervous about working with proper equipment... I'm probably one of the clumsiest people around and am sure I will get a jewellery related injury within the first week.  I'm also really excited about STUDENT LOAN, this is probably one of the reasons I expect I will be a student forever, I have to pay my tuition fees with it but if I have any spare I may treat myself to a new winter coat (oh and books and equipment of course)

Finally I'm hoping to take some pictures of new items this weekend, it's proving to be a bit of a nightmare because the colours aren't photographing well and light seems to be reflecting off the acrylic, but with a bit of  help after a bribe of Krispy Kremes I should get them sorted and uploaded soon.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for me, will only take a minute and will mean the world (and obviously £500 to me) xxx

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