Sunday, 14 August 2011

And it begins....

Having run Jelly Button Jewellery for just over a year now I have decided the time has come to write a blog.  It won't always be jewellery related, and may sometimes end up becoming a rambling about my daily life, so I will apologise in advance. 

It seems appropriate in my first blog to maybe say a little about me... well I am on the borderline of becoming mid twenties which is filling me with complete fear, I own an adorable if not slightly psychotic puppy named Dodge, I am currently doing a Psychology degree at University (this is likely to change to a jewellery and applied arts degree in September though) and my life at the moment revolves around running Jelly Button Jewellery.  Whilst I am crafting away in my jewellery workshop I either watch all the car-crash shows on ITV2 like Jeremy Kyle, Judge Judy or Real Housewives of the OC or CSI.  I am unfortunately quite predictable in my viewing habits.  The rest of my life probably involves friends, alcohol, family and my beloved sleep.

Now that the formalities of getting to know me are over and done with I can go onto the ramblings of my weekend.  I have spent a fair amount of time working on a new site with web designer Christian Mizon, with a bit of guidance from me (ok a lot of guidance) we have got the basics done and am really looking forward to the finished product.  I then ate my body weight in Chinese food at my parents house after my mum decided to take a break from the usual Sunday roast, only to return to find Dodge had broken into the cat food box and helped herself to three whole sachets (no supper for greedy guts now)

I will probably spend the rest of the evening sorting out new orders, watching CSI, and finishing off with a bath and a Lush bubble bar. 

Enjoy the rest of lazy day Sunday xx

She may look sweet and innocent but she has every intention of eating the camera.

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