Saturday, 1 September 2012

Where's Wally?

Once again I've left it weeks (possibly months) in between posting.  To be fair I do have valid reasons this time, first of all I went on holiday which was amazing, and then most recently I have been for a small operation.

So whilst lying on my sick bed aka the sofa I've decided to write a quickie post.  Since I've spent the past few days unable to walk I've had lots of time to think about new products I want to create.  After spending lots of money on hair accessories it seemed obvious to learn how to make my own, which has lead me wanting to list them online.  They will consist of glitter hair bows, and a fun range of fabrics made into bows and headbands.

They're so cute aren't they :)

I'm hoping I sell through on them so I can treat myself to this amazing limited collection bag :)

I have a black and white polka Zatchel that I LOVE, so another one to add to my collection wouldn't hurt hey ;)

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  1. Those sparkly hair bows are AMAZZING ;D

    Sophierosehearts, currently having an 100 follower giveaway! x